I Know Who You Are

Rev. Dr. David D. M. King The Fourth Sunday after the EpiphanyMark 1:21-28 This is Jesus’s first public appearance in the Gospel of Mark. He has just called his first disciples—fishers from the Lake of Galilee—and now he leads them back to Capernaum, a small fishing village along the lake, with about 1500 residents. It … [Read more…]

Follow Me

Rev. Dr. David D. M. King The Third Sunday after the EpiphanyMark 1:14-20 A stranger comes to town. No reputation. No name recognition. He walks along where the fishers are working. He points to a couple of them, and he simply says, “Follow me.” That’s all. No introduction. No explanation. Just, “Follow me.” And they … [Read more…]

Not Everything Is Helpful

Rev. Dr. David D. M. King The Second Sunday after the Epiphany1 Corinthians 6:12-20 The passage that we read this morning from Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians is all about sex. You could probably tell that even if I just read you two of the Greek words that are used over and over in … [Read more…]

Ripped Apart

Rev. Dr. David D. M. King Baptism of the LordMark 1:4-11 I wasn’t planning to preach at all today. Like last Sunday, our District Superintendent, the Rev. Wendy Woodworth, provided a sermon for those of us in the Cascadia District to use this Sunday. She preached and recorded it about three weeks ago. A lot … [Read more…]