October Messenger

For most of October, we’ll be spending time with the Book of Job. It’s possibly the oldest book in the Bible. It ponders how we as humans deal with unmerited suffering. How do we understand when bad things happen to good people? What is God’s role in our struggles and pains? What is the faithful … [Read more…]

Worship October 3

This week we find ourselves in Washington County with a “high” COVID risk. This means that we will be having hybrid worship, with an in-person congregation in the sanctuary and an online congregation on Facebook. There will be no singing in the sanctuary; the online congregation is welcome to sing. This week is also World … [Read more…]

Stumble on the Way

By Rev. Dr. David D. M. King The Eighteenth Sunday after PentecostMark 9:38-50 “Teacher, we saw someone throwing demons out in your name, and we tried to stop him because he wasn’t following us.” Sometimes we talk about schism in the church. Schism is just a fancy Greek word for break or fracture. Sometimes the … [Read more…]

Worship in Sanctuary this Sunday

Dear church family, On Sunday morning, I announced that worship on Sunday would be online-only. That has changed. Worship will be live in the Sanctuary this Sunday, September 19th. What we are able to do in worship depends on the current COVID conditions in our area. Each Sunday is dependent on the conditions on the previous … [Read more…]

The Taming of the Tongue

Rev. Dr. David D. M. King The Sixteenth Sunday after PentecostJames 3:1-12 “Brothers and sisters, not many of you should become teachers!” It’s a great back-to-school message, isn’t it? James isn’t saying that his readers aren’t qualified to be teachers—he’s saying that for those who teach there is a higher standard, a higher expectation. If … [Read more…]

Faith Works, Fe Trabaja

Rev. Dr. David D. M. King The Fifteenth Sunday after PentecostJoint Worship with Hillsboro United Methodist ChurchJames 2:1–17, Santiago 2:1–17 I cannot hear this text from the Letter of James without thinking of a sermon my wife Melissa and I heard nearly 20 years ago. No puedo escuchar este texto de Santiago sin pensar en … [Read more…]