June Messenger

We have made it through the festive cycle of Lent-Eastertide and enter the liturgical season known as “Ordinary Time.” You might think that it’s ordinary time because nothing extraordinary is happening. No big festivals. Nothing particularly exceptional. In some sense, that is true, but that’s not why this season is called Ordinary Time…

May Messenger

WORSHIPIN MAY In May we will finish up our 7-week sojourn through the Book of Acts, exploring the story of the early church, and its response to Jesus’s resurrection. Though the lectionary keeps us jumping around, backward and forward in the story. We’ll conclude our journey with the story of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit … [Read more…]

April Messenger

WORSHIP IN APRIL Throughout April, we are celebrating the season of Easter. Also known as the Great Fifty Days, or the Week of Weeks, it begins on the Feast of Easter and continues to the Feast of Pentecost…

Sunday Announcements

Lenten Bible Study continues into Easter. We’re watching The Chosen and joining for conversation, food, and fellowship. Sunday, April 7, 4-6 pm at Hillsboro UMC. Sunday, April 14, 4-6 pm at Forest Grove UMC Food Collection for April 7th: Soups and Meals (like Hamburger Helper) Camping and Retreat Ministries has many camps available to us in the summer. In particular, … [Read more…]

March Messenger

WORSHIP IN MARCH This March moves us through Lent and culminates in East- er. In Lent, we remember Jesus’s forty days in the wilderness, we travel with him on his way to the cross, and we seek to deepen our spiritual practice…


– Lenten Bible Study: The Chosen  February 18th – March 24th 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. Sunday Feb 25, 4 -6 pm at Forest Grove UMC  Sunday, March 3, 4 -6 at Hillsboro UMC – Janet said regarding the Lenten Bible Study that the movie is an interesting way to look at the life of Jesus and the Gospel … [Read more…]

January Messenger

WORSHIP IN JANUARY January 7, Baptism of the Lord CommunionGenesis 1:1-5, Mark 1:4-11 “Trouble the Water” January 14, The Second Sunday after the Epiphany1 Samuel 3:1-20“Speak, for Your Servant Is Listening” January 21, The Third Sunday after the EpiphanyGuest preacher: Rev. David Nieda January 28, The Fourth Sunday after Pen- tecost—Joint Service with Cornelius UMC (at FGUMC)

April Messenger

EASTER WEEK ACTIVITIES April 6—Maundy Thursday Service Service at FGUMC—7 pm April 7—Good Friday Service Service at Hillsboro UMC—7pm April 9—Easter Service Easter Egg Hunt—9 amWorship Service and Flower Cross —10 am Bell choir to provide the prelude!!!