April Messenger

EASTER WEEK ACTIVITIES April 6—Maundy Thursday Service Service at FGUMC—7 pm April 7—Good Friday Service Service at Hillsboro UMC—7pm April 9—Easter Service Easter Egg Hunt—9 amWorship Service and Flower Cross —10 am Bell choir to provide the prelude!!!

March Messenger

Lent is a season of special intention. Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness preparing himself spiritually for his public ministry. We spend 40 days each year preparing ourselves spiritually. Christians often give special attention to spiritual disciplines during this season. It could be a program of prayer, bible study, meditation, fasting, service, or any … [Read more…]

February Messenger

In February, we find ourselves jumping around a bit through Matthew’s story of Jesus.The first two Sundays come from Jesus’s “Sermon on the Mount,” outlining his moral teachings. Then we jump forward to his transfiguration on the mountain, echoing Moses’s experience of God on the mountain several centuries before. Our special service on Ash Wednesday, marking the … [Read more…]

January Messenger

We continue our journey through the 12-day season of Christmas. On January 1st, Rev. Dr. Lowell Greathouse will be leading worship, starting off the New Year with a focus on the beginning of all things. We’ll celebrate Epiphany of the Lord a day late, on January 8th, as we consider the sto- ry of the magi. On … [Read more…]

September Messenger

As school and activities get started in September, we are following Jesus and his disci- ples on the road from Galilee to Jerusalem, on Jesus’ journey to the cross. Along the way, Jesus is teaching about the nature and cost of discipleship…

August Messenger

We have an eclectic month of worship in August. As usual, the first Sunday of the month we celebrate communion. We will be premiering Pastor David’s jazz communionsetting. We’ll consider a text from Isaiah in which God offers to let us argue it out when we have differences with God…

July Messenger

Luke 9:51 tells us, “When the days drew near for [Jesus] to be taken up, he set his face to go to Jerusalem” (NRSV). Or in another translation, “As the time approached when Jesus was to be taken up into heaven, he determined to go to Jerusalem” (CEB). From this point on until Luke 19:29, Jesus is on his … [Read more…]