September Messenger

As we continue in the liturgical season of “Ordinary Time” in September, we will consider scriptures from the Gospel of Matthew and the letters of Paul. We contemplate two of Jesus’ parables, one about the power and re- sponsibility of forgiveness and the other about jealousy and the overwhelming power of God’s grace. From the … [Read more…]

August Messenger

During the month of August, we’ll be ex- ploring the books of Genesis, Exodus, and Matthew. From Genesis, we’ll see how Jacob wrestled with God and won. From Exodus, we’ll hear the story of five faithful woman who did God’s will by breaking the law. And from Matthew, we’ll read three stories of Jesus and … [Read more…]

Phase 2 Reopening

On Friday, we received approval to enter Phase 2 of the bishop’s reopening plan. This allows designated people to resume routine work in and around the building, and it increases the total number of people allowed in the church facility at any one time to 10. It also allows the Montessori School to operate so … [Read more…]

Pastor David’s First Day

It’s Pastor David’s first day in the office today. Looking to worship with you on Sunday. Early Church is at 8:30 on Zoom. Contact John Hayes for details. Livestream Worship is at 10 on Facebook live. Find it here:

July Messenger

The Church Council has elected a Reopening Task Force to work with Rev. Dr. David King on creat- ing a plan to resume gatherings and activities at the church. The Conference, and your leaders, will continue to take a cautious approach and make plans with a mind toward doing no harm. The reopening plan will … [Read more…]

June Messenger

Hello Friends,This article will be my last one to you, and likely my last of any kind, for publication in a church newsletter. Like the completion of other aspects of my pastoral work in this strange time, I don’t think you will find any espe- cially world-changing bits in this. For me the time has … [Read more…]

May Messenger

Worship, Messages, and Offerings FYI there are sermons, and some church music from our staff, soon to be available on our website, Look for links on the home page. Also, I am sending sermons out via email, and some regular mailings. I hope they give you something to think about. Of course, if ever you … [Read more…]

April Messenger

Palm Sunday Forest Grove Community Prayer Walk April 14th, 2020, 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Starting and Ending at St. Anthony & St. Bede Shared Parking Lot 1660 Elm Street, Forest Grove…

March Messenger

Worship in March Lent begins February 26 , on Ash Wednesday.Lent lasts 40 days and is, traditionally, a time to pursue mindfulness and to ponder our relationships with God. For many Christians, Lent is a time of self- denial to help this focus. God bless you if you choose to give up something for Lent … [Read more…]

February Messenger

Worship in February This month we continue in the season of Epiphany – a time to open our minds and hearts to new insights about who Jesus is. This season concludes with Transfiguration Sunday on February 23 , when we join Jesus on a mountain top and see him revealed as the Son of God. … [Read more…]