April Messenger

This month we break from the contemplation of Lent and from the sorrow of Holy Week into the hope and joy of Easter. We will close out Lent with a brief prayer service for Good Friday, centered on the story of Jesus’s passion from the Gospel of John. This will be available in all the … [Read more…]

Easter Worship

On Easter we will have worship in the parking lot. Drive into the church parking lot and park your car facing west. Pastor David be at the west end to lead in worship. We have an FM transmitter, so you’ll be able to tune into a particular frequency on your car radio and hear everything … [Read more…]

March Messenger

Worship in March In March we continue our journey through the Season of Lent as we follow Jesus on the Way of the Cross. Throughout this season we spend time in reflection consid- ering Jesus, his ministry, the ways that ministry led him to be executed by the authorities of his day. The message of … [Read more…]

Palm Sunday Walk and Coloring

We are one of the stops on the Forest Grove Community Palm Sunday Self-Guided Walk. Christians from around the area will be making the 3.5-mile throughout the day on March 28th. Val Hawkins and Cricket O’Neil are working on a display to welcome folks as they walk by. You can help by coloring some Palm … [Read more…]

February Messenger

February begins with a continuation of a season of Ordinary Time. We will consider how the apostle Paul sublimates his own desires and preferences and opens himself up to the preferences and cultures of others for the sake of Christ. Then we see Jesus on the mountaintop with Moses and Elijah, his appearance changed before … [Read more…]

January Messenger

As the 12-day season of Christmas comes to a close, we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany on January 3rd. It commemorates the visit of the magi to Jesus and his family, bringing gifts of gold frankin- cense, and myrrh. Then a week later we remember our baptisms as we celebrate Jesus being baptized by … [Read more…]

December Messenger

As of November 29th, we have started a new liturgical year and entered the first season of the worship calen- dar: Advent. Advent – coming from the Latin ad, meaning “to,” and venire, meaning “come” – is the four-week season of preparation for Christmas, the anticipation of the coming, the arrival, the advent of the Christ child. … [Read more…]

Christmas Coloring

Dear FGUMC Family, This is the time of year that I would normally stand up in church during announcements, use my “teacher voice” and say something like: Good morning everyone.  It is time again to color for Christmas.  I want to cover these windows with more pictures than I ever have before.  So PLEASE choose at least one … [Read more…]

November Messenger

The month starts with a continuation of our focus on Paul’s first letter to the Thessalo- nians. Having heard Paul in October describe himself as a mother to the Thessalonian Chris- tians, we now hear him describe himself as their father. We get a glimpse of Paul’s vision of life beyond death, and we hear … [Read more…]