July Messenger

Worship This July

In July we will continue that pattern we started in June of worshipping in person, outdoors, in the courtyard. We can a lot of new things with our current COVID protocols, like taking off our masks if we’re vaccinated, sharing food together, and sharing communion. However, one thing we are still prohibited from doing is sing- ing indoors. Because singing is such a key part of our worship, it makes sense to take advantage of the chance we have to worship and sing together outdoors.

For those who aren’t able to come in person, we will be offering a live stream of the service. We hope to have it available on both our Facebook page (facebook.com/ forestgroveumcoregon) and our YouTube channel (youtube.com/channel/UCzgM5DQ- aYTvI_kY9AZqW9g), but if we can only manage one, it will be the Facebook page. Services will also be posted later in the day to the church website (umcforestgrove.org)…

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