Worship October 3

This week we find ourselves in Washington County with a “high” COVID risk. This means that we will be having hybrid worship, with an in-person congregation in the sanctuary and an online congregation on Facebook. There will be no singing in the sanctuary; the online congregation is welcome to sing. This week is also World … [Read more…]

Worship in Sanctuary this Sunday

Dear church family, On Sunday morning, I announced that worship on Sunday would be online-only. That has changed. Worship will be live in the Sanctuary this Sunday, September 19th. What we are able to do in worship depends on the current COVID conditions in our area. Each Sunday is dependent on the conditions on the previous … [Read more…]

August Messenger

WORSHIP IN AUGUST In August, we plan to continue our pattern of worshipping outdoors together in the courtyard, where we can safely sing together. However, we are also preparing to have worship in- side. With the current state of things, we cannot sing together inside, but there is a lot we can do. So, on the first … [Read more…]

July Messenger

Worship This July In July we will continue that pattern we started in June of worshipping in person, outdoors, in the courtyard. We can a lot of new things with our current COVID protocols, like taking off our masks if we’re vaccinated, sharing food together, and sharing communion. However, one thing we are still prohibited … [Read more…]

Stay Cool This Sunday

Due to extreme weather conditions expected this Sunday (the current forecast is 111º) all in-person activities at the church are cancelled. Early Church will meet via Zoom. An online worship service will be posted to our Facebook page, our YouTube channel, and our church website. Stay home. Stay cool. Stay safe. +Pastor David

June Messenger

We are very excited to announce that throughout the month of June, we will be worshipping in-person at 10am on Sunday mornings in the church courtyard! This has been a long time coming, and we are thrilled to be coming together in person to raise our voices in praise to God. There will be chairs … [Read more…]

New COVID Policy

As of May 17, 2021, we are operating under Option 1 of the Bishop’s new COVID-19 plan, “Stepping Forward Safely in Love and Trust“. Option 1: Basic Standard Practices for Churches and other Ministries United Methodist churches or other ministries choosing to follow the Basic Standard Practices are responsible for observing the following guidelines in … [Read more…]

New COVID Plan Approved

On 28 April 2021, our District Superintendent, Rev. Wendy Woodworth, approved a new COVID Plan for our congregation. This allows for a few additional ministry opportunities. Small groups can meet indoors, with prior approval and appropriate safety precautions. With current COVID levels in Washington County, those groups are limited to 10 persons, but if our … [Read more…]

May Messenger

In May we continue the celebration of the Easter season into the holidays of Pentecost and Trinity Sunday. Easter isn’t just one day, it lasts for seven weeks, a week of weeks, 49 days, culminating on the fiftieth day: Pentecost. So we are continuing to celebrate the joy of resurrection as we anticipate the gift … [Read more…]